A Statewide Program for Homebuyers Provides Borrower Assistance!

Down Payment Assistant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-screening Process

Where do I start?
To check your eligibility and get started with Hoosier Homes, download the free Club 720® mobile app available on the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
Is Club 720® free?
YES! There is no charge (at any point). You’ll get your credit score, setwealth-building goals and even apply for down payment assistanceon the Club 720® mobile app.
How long does it take to get connected with a lender?
Applicants will typically be connected with a preferred partner within two (2) business days.
How do I access my credit score?
You can access your credit score on the Club 720® Dashboard. Youwill also have the ability to refresh your credit score every 30 days.
Will the soft credit pull on Club 720® affect my credit?
No! A soft pull does not affect your credit score. You will likely see aninquiry from Capacity Enhancement and Development Services (our parent company) on your credit report but the inquiry will not affectyour score.
What should I do if my credit score is below 620?
Club 720® can help you! By joining the Club 720  Dream FactoryHomebuyers Club, we will work with one of our Club 720  preferredprogram partners to develop an action plan with step-by-stepinstructions that can help you to increase your credit score. The Club720® Dream Factory Homebuyers Club is available to any applicantand costs a one-time fee of $25. Our accountability coaches will assistyou with staying on track to accomplish your goal.
Who is qualified to be an eligible borrower?
Borrowers must meet minimum credit score and incomerequirements, which vary by community. Hoosier Homes uses theClub 720® mobile app to provide borrowers with almost instantresults on initial eligibility. This is by no means an approval, but itdoes mean you’ll soon be contacted by a participating lenderpartner.

Program Specifications

What if Hoosier Homes is not authorized in my area?
If the Program isn't offered in your community yet, you are welcome to reach out to your local officials or lender (if you're already set up with one) and request they register to authorize it.
What are the income limits?

Click here to view the income limits of the Program's participating jurisdictions.

Is the income limit based on the borrower or the household?
The income limit requirement is based on the borrower, regardless of household size.
What happens if I move before the 36 months are up?
The down payment assistance is provided in the form of a 3-year forgivable 2nd loan at 0% interest. This loan dissolves over time at 1/36th per full month. This means if you decide to move before the end of the forgiveness period you will be responsible for the remaining balance.
How can I access homebuyer education?
A borrower can access homebuyer education by checking out the Club 720® Wealth Building Academy on the mobile app. First-time homebuyers are required to attend specific training that is offered through the approved Hoosier Homes lender.
Do I have to use a specific lender?
When you apply for Hoosier Homes, Club 720® will connect you with a trusted lender who is authorized to offer Hoosier Homes.
Can I add my spouse to the loan?
You do have the option to add your spouse; however, the income limit will be based on your combined income.

To check your eligibility and get started with Hoosier Homes downpayment assistance, download the free Club 720® mobile app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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